Working on an Old Painting

During the past few weeks I reworked an old painting and improved it substantially. This week I tried another.  There are a couple of new directions I am considering. One is to add more lines of water leading to the horizon.  The other is to crop the painting to 18×12 from its 24×18 current size.  I will probably try the first (photoshopped below) and then move to the second idea if that doesn’t work.  I changed the trees at the horizon and deleted the water on the lefthand side.  I am enhanced the aerial perspective by greying and lightening the colors as they reach the horizon and darkened the piece to express the mood of early morning.

Original Painting of Grass Fields, Cheshire Oregon, Spring

Original Pastel Painting,
“Green Fields”

Photoshopped version of painting idea for Green Fields, Cheshire Oregon, Spring

Green Fields 2
Photoshopped water added


Green Fields, Cheshire Oregon, Spring

Cropped version of Green Fields

What do you think?


About Kate McGee

Pastel artist who paints real and imagined landscapes.
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2 Responses to Working on an Old Painting

  1. Roka says:

    Although I love them all, I’m partial to the cropped blue one. Something moody and calming about it.

  2. I’m with the other poster. The blue one is very intriguing and mysterious. Wonderful work.

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