Just Beet It!

Beets photograph

The last beets from Julie’s Garden

My friend Julie sent me home from Book Club with a bag of beets freshly dug from her garden.  I thought they would have character and be a fun still life challenge.  And challenge they were.  The first painting was painted before I washed them so they are still pretty brown.  They are warm colored with the purple leaves so I added a blue green background ( a complement color and offsetting temperature) to try to soup up the painting.  Not too exciting. Is it the beets or the painting?

Beeten Down

Beeten Down

The second painting was painted after I washed them.  They were now pretty bedraggled but much prettier.  Maybe the problem is that I simply am not fond of the color.  I tried to spark it with yellow and green (complements of purple and red) I looked online and many artists push the color of beets into the red and red orange hue, maybe they don’t like beet red either.

Pastel of Julie's beets washed.

Beet Up

Anyway, it was a good subject for making puns.

It also is a way to commemorate all the terrific beet salads I have eaten in the last few weeks.

Thanks, Julie!

About Kate McGee

Pastel artist who paints real and imagined landscapes.
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2 Responses to Just Beet It!

  1. paperstew says:

    Kate, I really like the “Beet Up” image. There is just something about getting up close and at eye level with such a lovely bunch of root veggies. A nice perspective.

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