Cotton Nightie

It is not as if I am obsessed with laundry, although I do get to watch Top Chef, Project Runway or the latest Masterpiece Theater selection while I fold it. The ordinariness of it and the whiteness of it are a challenge to make an interesting painting.  Painting white objects, I am forced to squint and consider the warmness or coolness of light in order to paint them.  Because they are high key, in the lighter end of the range of values, they seem to have an upbeat lightness to them, they seem happy.  As the days turn grayer, perhaps that is what attracts me.

Cotton Nightie  Pastel  18x24

Cotton Nightie Pastel 18×24

Time to buckle down and clean the studio so there is room for Rhoda Fleischman’s beautiful pottery during our upcoming studio sale.  What a mess!  Rhoda is at Clayfest in Eugene, OR this weekend.

Pottery Pitcher by Rhoda Fleischman

Pottery Pitcher by Rhoda Fleischman

About Kate McGee

Pastel artist who paints real and imagined landscapes.
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1 Response to Cotton Nightie

  1. modconned says:

    You rendered the cotton nightie so well, that intense purple-blue works wonderfully.

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