Winter Landscape

This week has been time spent in the studio trying to avoid the challenges in my personal and national realities.  My challenge in the studio was to depict the landscape from a photograph.  My neighborhood has been frozen for a few weeks so painting outside is too cold for me.  The composition was a road at the bottom of a bank but my interest was in depicting the hedgerow along the fence.  Dueling ideas.  One had to go.  See how I resolved it below.

First, I minimized the road a bit by darkening it.  Still a confusing composition.


I put it up on Photoshop and tried some other ideas.  This was my solution.


About Kate McGee

Pastel artist who paints real and imagined landscapes.
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2 Responses to Winter Landscape

  1. laurakvasnosky says:

    I love your blog. Please post more stuff.

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