Burnished Autumn

We had a wonderful, long, autumn this year following a warm dry summer.  There was a brief cold spell that turned all the leaves gold and then it warmed up for a couple of weeks.  The rain stayed away and the leaves remained.  It was the best for plein air painting.  I rolled my cart of pastels, easel and paper to the end of our driveway and painted the same scene over and over, mostly during the ‘golden hour’ before dusk.  It was fun to keep painting the same scene, discovering some more approaches to color and shape each time.  I have been playing with UArt paper, creating an underpainting of pastel brushed out with denatured alcohol.  Some of these will be part of my show at Art in the Valley this November.  We are hanging it on MONDAY!


About Kate McGee

Pastel artist who paints real and imagined landscapes.
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